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Walking the Path...

This is our groundbreaking new process for everyone who has done the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat. Virtually every participant who goes through the Path of Love has deeply meaningful breakthroughs, profound realizations about themselves and experiences of feeling free from their past. Even though participants have an inspired vision of how they want to live their lives, it can be challenging to integrate those deep openings into their relationships, families and working lives. This is why Walking the Path is the next step...

By doing inner work you get a taste of what it is to stand in your own truth. But living that truth in your day-to-day, nitty-gritty life takes bold courage, commitment and a willingness to learn from your stumbles and failures.

In Walking the Path, you will become aware of how you sabotage and compromise your deepest truths, values and needs. Through the power of honest inquiry and exposure, and the strong challenge and support of the group, you will make a significant shift into self-esteem, respect and dignity. Step-by-step, you will learn how to meet the challenges of your life in a more conscious and embodied way.

Walking the Path is a powerful four-day process where you will make surprising new turns into the unknown, bringing you to that edge where you are most vibrantly alive and ready to step forward in a fresh and new way.

When Walking the Path you will find:

  • A healthy awareness of your patterns of self-sabotage and compromise
  • An increased capacity to accept and be with the truth
  • Renewed sense of responsibility
  • Enhanced self-esteem, dignity and respect
  • A deepened sense of compassion towards yourself and others
  • Joy in life
  • Embodiment of courage and strength

This is a unique Path Retreats process, offered for graduates of the Path of Love.

Path of Love is an intense and deeply moving process that enabled me to discover and re-discover the core of my humanity. It was inspiring, motivating, energising and enlightening while at the same time challenging and surprising. The seven-day program is incredibly sophisticated offering many, many opportunities to explore the connection with self and most especially with others profoundly.

Jan Hatch
Counsellor & Facilitator

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