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Life Changing Benefits

Path Retreats offer groundbreaking courses that change your whole outlook on life. If you use the keys you are given during our retreats, your life will be changed for the better.

Benefits of the Path Retreats:

  • An improvement in your relationships with your loved ones
  • A relaxed confidence that you have what it takes to find your way. That you can create your life as you want and need.
  • A capacity to recognize and fulfill your needs.
  • An ability to be still and present.
  • A recognition that you have the inner resources to meet life’s challenges.
  • The capacity to feel your emotions, to listen to the wisdom of your body and to reduce the dominance of the mind.
  • The ability to connect and make deep contact with other humans.
  • A renewed sense of basic trust that this world is supportive, loving and benevolent and that the people within it can be too.
  • Learning how to let go of a fear-based perspective and recognizing and confronting your fears.
  • Choosing actions that are more in alignment with your true values, needs and longing.
  • Increasing your capacity for intimacy and deep, authentic, heartfelt relationships.
  • Increasing your sense of self-worth, humility and compassion.
  • Finding your personal and meaningful vision and expression in this world.
  • A sense of being on-track and aligned with your destiny.
  • An expanded sense of joy and capacity to be grateful for and celebrate your life.
  • A sense of being connected to, and part of, something which is greater than you.
  • The ability to live in dignity.
  • Resolution of psychological issues and their effect on your body and health.

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Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

Participants share their thoughts about the Path of Love process.

It is difficult to articulate why anyone should dive in and try the Path of Love — only to say that if you are reading this there is almost certainly a part of you that is longing for more out of your life. Path of Love isn’t therapy, it is the most incredible exploration and journey into remembering who you really are — and in doing so, fulfilling your life’s potential. Go for it!

Charlotte Gupwell

There are no words to describe what happens on the Path of Love. All words seem inadequate. What it has been is the most transformational process imaginable. The amount of consideration, and dedication from the facilitators and staff is beyond magnificent. I feel like one of the luckiest people alive to have had this experience. Let yourself experience this path.

Leilani Kvia
Naturopath/Yoga Teacher

This was the most radical, scary, exhilarating, loving and all encompassing experience I have had thus far in this life and believe me, I have experienced a lot! This was the quickest Path to my heart. I was held in such love and compassion and with such tenderness that it was impossible for anything but transformation to happen. I am full to overflowing with my love and the love of the Divine. When you hear the call… GO!

Malaika D'arville

I have worked in creating Rites of Passage programs for teenagers for over 15 years. The Path of Love was a profound experience for me and was a turning point in my life. The support provided and integrity of the facilitators was outstanding. It is a genuine Rite of Passage for adults looking for their true purpose in life. I believe that if every single person did the Path of Love the world would be transformed.

Dr. Arne Rubinstein
Founding CEO of The Pathways Foundation Ltd.

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