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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


What is the Path of Love 7-day Retreat?

The Path of Love 7-day Retreat is a deep and challenging process that has produced life-changing and breakthrough results for thousands of people all over the world. Many participants often mark their lives by the change in their experience of life before and after they participated in the Path of Love.
The actual process itself is a 7-day journey that helps the individual to open and grow out of old and limiting personality structures. Even though these old structures were needed for protection and often for survival in the past, in time they can become hindrances that keep us from a full-expression of who we are. When exposed, felt, faced and brought to awareness we are able to learn to trust ourselves in new ways. This allows us to live the life we have so longed for.
This process is designed to heal self-defeating patterns while bringing intelligent integration and powerful alignment to your body, heart and being. It breaks through to new levels of love, awareness and personal empowerment. It is a space of awareness and gratitude where you will learn to look, listen and love like never before.

What sort of Love are you referring to?

The Path of Love refers to Love in the widest sense. The Love that promotes growth, peace, and personal and spiritual unfoldment and which leads to the possibility of harmonious relations between people of all races and types. Whilst this encompasses familial, fraternal, sexual and spiritual love it is not specifically focused on any of these individually.

What actually happens in the Path of Love?

During the process you will be supported to connect with your inner longing to live your life to its fullest potential. You will do guided meditations, emotional cathartic work, self-enquiry, writing assignments and sharing with others in what we call a small group (which is usually from 9 to 12 people). The Path of Love provides a very safe and loving environment for people to do these exercises in absolute confidentiality.

Is this a therapy group or a spiritually oriented group?

Generally speaking, it is a spiritually oriented group but we also use several therapy methods and techniques which we have learned and developed over the years.

I have heard there is a large staff at the group. What are they doing and why is it so large?

We have quite a large staff that is usually around 30 in number. They are there to support the participants and to create a strong presence of love and safety. People that staff have benefited greatly from the Path Retreats processes and want to give back some of what they’ve received through their participation. All staff members have done the process themselves.

Does The Path of Love have anything to do with sex?

Not directly. People can share about sexual issues if they feel the need; but the process itself has nothing to do with sex. There is no requirement to remove your clothes at any time.

Is the Path of Love a confidential process? Will what I share or talk about be private?

The process is 100% confidential. Participants are contained in completely safe and confidential surroundings to share and expose their deep feelings and intimate aspects of their history. A commitment to confidentiality is taken by all participants and staff at the beginning of the process.

Will I feel any pressure to conform to any particular spiritual worldview?

Absolutely not. We welcome people from all walks of religious faiths and spiritual or humanist paths. There is no agenda to change anyone’s religious faith.

What types of people do the Path of Love and where?

Since our first Path of Love retreat in 1995, we have welcomed participants from approximately 40 countries ranging in age from 17 to 84.

Why do people choose to do the Path Retreats?

People choose to do Path Retreats for many reasons. In general, people that choose to do the Path of Love want to expand their inner selves, in the sense that they feel they are not living their lives to the fullest potential. Often people come with some sense of dissatisfaction or unhappiness, relationship or family issues, a feeling of boredom, low energy or low creativity, or loss of passion and with it a strong desire to open up and move on.

People also come to break addictive, compulsive habits and patterns and to find answers to deep existential questions about their life. Others are in a transitional phase of life; sometimes having experienced a deep loss and with a longing to come to peace with themselves. People also come when they are happy, full of well-being and with a desire to deepen. The word and mystery of Love also calls people to come.

What will I get out of attending the group?

In the Path Retreats, you receive tools that you can apply to your life that will help you to connect with yourself, with your inner guidance, and with your essential nature. Participants often leave Path of Love with a newfound sense of dignity and self love, joy and an ease and relaxed confidence in their self expression that manifests as a deepened trust in life. It is common for graduates to make a deep commitment to their life and their personal evolution. Heightened emotional intelligence along with compassion for yourself and others is a big part of what you receive in this process.

Who are the leaders and facilitators?

Path of Love Leaders and Facilitators are highly skilled and trained therapists in the particular methodology of the Path of Love. They also have many traditional and alternative trainings and experience in various psychological and therapeutic modalities.

How many participants are there in the process?

The normal size of a group is 24 - 44 participants, with 2 course Leaders and a dedicated Facilitator and Assistant for every 9 - 12 people. There is also a staff group of 20 - 30 people that come from all over the world to hold a loving presence of compassion and support.

Can I meditate or do my yoga exercises during the process?

We ask you to devote all your time and energetic attention to the process. During the process you will be asked to put all those exercises to the side and only follow the meditation exercises that are part of the group. After the retreat, you are encouraged and welcome to go back to your life-enhancing practices.

What other restrictions are there during the week?

During the process we ask participants to refrain from alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tobacco and any intoxicants. The habitual consumption of these are often ways to avoid our feelings, and by not using them, it will help deepen your process.

What do I tell my employers or my family regarding my absence?

During the week of the Path of Love Process, we ask that you arrange things so that you can fully focus on the work at hand (as if you were on a silent meditation retreat). Plan not to make or receive calls. Of course, if an emergency arises on either end, you can reach your family member or they can reach you through a number which will be provided.

Is language translation available, or can I bring a translator?

In India, Australia, USA, Germany International, United Kingdom and Israel the group is only held in English, so you must be able to speak and understand English well in order to participate. In Brazil, Italy international, Mexico and Portugal, translation into the local language is offered. In Germany and Italy we also offer Path of Love in German and Italian only.

Where will I stay and what are the sleeping arrangements?

The sleeping arrangements vary from place to place. Often you have one or two roommates of the same gender in a comfortable room. In some instances it is possible to book a single room and/or in some instances the sleeping is dormitory style.

Will I get enough sleep?

Yes. You will get enough sleep and rest every night giving you adequate time to digest the work.

What kind of food is provided?

Food is vegetarian and of high quality. You get a big breakfast and dinner. At most locations we don’t stop for a regular lunch break, so you may be asked to bring your own sugar-free snacks for the midday food break.

I am handicapped/have a chronic illness. Can I participate?

It depends on the severity of the handicap or illness. During the application process we will look into whether it is advisable for you to participate, as there are some physical aspects which may prevent some from participating.

I am under treatment for a psychiatric disorder. Can I participate?

In general we don’t accept people that are under psychiatric treatment or on medication for psychiatric reasons, except when they are cleared and recommended for participation by their doctor.

I have a busy life, and I want to do the process. As I have heard it is strong, do you recommend I go back to work immediately afterwards?

Ideally, it is good to have a few days after the group for integration, but many people do return to their work and family lives immediately after the process.

What are the selection criteria for admission, how does the selection process work, how do I have the best chance to get accepted and is there any preparatory work I can do?

When you apply, you will receive an Application Form, which will ask questions about your health background and your experience in either therapy or meditation. This is usually followedby a phone interview with one of our staff to determine whether it is the right time for you to do the process. In general, it is advisable to have done some inner work, and preferably some inner work in a group format, but this is not a prerequisite.

After the Path of Love 7-day Retreat, are there further advanced work or courses? How can I stay involved? Are there local support groups?

Yes, there are follow up groups, retreats and trainings in the basic principles of the Path of Love work that will be available to you. Often people stay involved by applying to staff other Path Retreat processes, and in some areas there are local support groups. We continue to expand, which allows us to offer more groups, trainings and events than ever before.

Explore the mystery of the Path of Love and you will discover a beautifully crafted spiritual realization process which, at its heart, is a glorious journey into the core of the self. Skillfully delivered in a nest of abundant safety and care. Conducted with exceptional grace and professionalism. A divine experience.

Gregory Pearson

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