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Mar 18

On the Path of Love

"The 7 days I committed to on the POL was the best present I have ever given myself.  I made decisions afterwards that have been the most positive in my life.  But the most important thing I have taken away are the tools to be able to get through the tough times.  Of course there are always going to be challenges and obstacles that come up in my life, especially as I have a deep longing to grow into my full potential. But that I now know how to spot them and get through them in an un-judgmental way is priceless." says Natasha Corrett of her Path of Love process.

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Path of Love is an intense and deeply moving process that enabled me to discover and re-discover the core of my humanity. It was inspiring, motivating, energising and enlightening while at the same time challenging and surprising. The seven-day program is incredibly sophisticated offering many, many opportunities to explore the connection with self and most especially with others profoundly.

Jan Hatch
Counsellor & Facilitator

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