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Jan 11

Seven Days that Changed My Life—My Path from Head to Heart

"Leading up to the retreat, I was excited to spend seven relaxing days on a ranch in the Colorado Mountains—meditating, star gazing and eating nourishing farm-to-table food.

Once I arrived, I quickly figured out that what I had signed up for was anything but that."

Follow Graduate, Ksenia Avdulova, on her on her seven day Path of Love journey via Elephant Journal. 

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I have worked in creating Rites of Passage programs for teenagers for over 15 years. The Path of Love was a profound experience for me and was a turning point in my life. The support provided and integrity of the facilitators was outstanding. It is a genuine Rite of Passage for adults looking for their true purpose in life. I believe that if every single person did the Path of Love the world would be transformed.

Dr. Arne Rubinstein
Founding CEO of The Pathways Foundation Ltd.

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