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Feb 15

Love in Action: Path Retreats Takes the Love Out into the World

Since 1977 Rafia Morgan has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work, and has been conducting workshops and trainings in countries around the world. Over the years he has passionately investigated his own inner world and has participated and trained in innumerable spiritual and therapeutic approaches. His background, enthusiasm, and commitment to spiritual awakening; his love of people, of life and the discovery of human potential give him vast resources to help people in per

Feb 15

Love in Action: The Joy of Giving Back

An Interview with Turiya Hanover, co-Founder of Path Retreats Turiya Hanover, co-founder of Path Retreats and Working with People Trainings, has been leading life-changing personal development workshops since 1973.  In the past 40 years of leading workshops, her work has evolved into an East-West approach which bridges western tools of psychological understanding with eastern methods of meditation and transcendence. Turiya’s work is internationally recognized, and she offers her tr

Dec 19

My Personal Route To No More Bull---t – The Path of Love

I should have known that something like this would happen. I know that my life operates in seven-year cycles and it was true that I had been wondering what was going to happen on the next stage of my journey as I hit 49. I just hadn’t seen this one coming.  I got fired from the job that I loved. I was bereft. So much of my identity had been wrapped up in this role that I had enjoyed. I threw myself into other activities and rebalanced my working life to take advantage of new opport

Dec 13

An Interview with Rafia Morgan

Meet Rafia Morgan, an ex-bored introvert teenager who turned into an inspiring leader on psychology and spirituality! Like many of us, Rafia Morgan turned a life crisis into a quest to a fulfilling life. It led him to not only explore deep territories within himself and fellow humans, but also to teach and travel the world. Co-creator of many workshops and retreats including “Path of Love” and of a training called “Worki

Dec 8

Announcing the Launch of Love In Action!

Dear friends, We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Love in Action program, a charitable arm of the Path of Love work.  We are in the process of establishing the Love in Action Foundation in the UK, and POL Global Foundation will run at least one Love in Action project each year.  Here is the mission statement for Love in Action:    As an organization dedicated to spiritual awakening and living from our true nature, we are in the process of creating

Nov 22

The Path to Awakening

I sat in my car for a few moments, inspecting the space where I’d spend the weekend partaking in the Awakening of Love retreat – an introduction to Path of Love, a seven-day retreat that’s held in 14 countries around the world.  As I walked towards the door, a mixture of apprehension and uncertainty washed over me. Follow along as the editor of Natural Health Magazine in Australia, Danae Dimitropoulou, dips her tentative toe into the Awakening of Lov

Oct 27

Mira Hatland on the Path of Love

Beloved friends,  I just got back from another 7 days of the process called the  "Path of Love". It was again, the most beautiful process  I have ever done in my entire spiritual life...and that's a lot of spiritual processes in 40 years! It is a week of silence as well as deep and intimate sharing with one another. A week of revealing inquiries on ones own sabotage, self doubt, beliefs about one self . You know, that one that's always on our shoulder

Oct 24

Walking the Path: The Next Natural Step

Walking the Path is a 4-day groundbreaking new process for all graduates who have done the Path of Love seven-day retreat. This is a chance to revisit all that you learned at POL, but to now take a more psychological approach and learn how to really integrate it at home, in your relationships, at work and in general everyday life. It gives you the chance to examine the insights, breakthroughs and realisations that you had during your Path of Love retreat, and that you’ve und

Oct 22

A New Man's Movement

In October 2017, 130 men from across Europe gathered at Angsbacka in Sweden, for the Nordic Men's Gathering, to plant the seed of a new men's movement.  One of our co-founders, Rafia Morgan, and Alexander Bard discuss this movement.
Aug 16

The Most Powerful Choice of All

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’ll realise that I see the journey to abundance as a spiritual, inner journey as much as it is an outer, worldly journey. Actually, I see it as an inner journey first and the outer journey of experiencing more abundance in life is just a natural consequence, an emanation or expression of the inner shift towards BEING more abundant. This was one of the core messages of The Abundance Code film — that true abundance starts with

Aug 16

The Most Poignant, Gripping and Enriching Week of My Life

I've just returned from I think what is probably the most poignant, gripping and enriching week of my life, only equalled perhaps by childbirth. And in a way, it was a birthing of sorts. Of my self. The real self, with the fears and negative constructs removed.  For those who didn't read the last issue's editor's note about my recent hospitalisation and battle with suicidal depression you can read it here which will give you a background into the sort of crap I've bee

Jun 27

True Contact & The Harmonious Human Being

What does it mean to be in true contact with oneself and with others? And why do we need to be? In a study by Harvard researchers, which followed the lives of 268 Harvard graduates for 75 years, the most important finding was that the only thing that matters in life is relationships.  From the study, “There are two pillars of happiness. One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.” If today was your last day of life, could you s

Apr 25

How the Path of Love Changed My Life

"I recorded this video four days after returning from the Path of Love retreat in April 2017. I wanted you to hear and see me talk about the experience that changed my life, and also so that when I feel distant from God, I can watch myself and remember who I really am." Caren Baginski, Yoga Teacher, Writer
Apr 25

Burning Down The Barriers: Path of Love, Wales, UK

"Once you clear away a swathe of crap, the fun begins. The Path of Love isn’t just dour worthy psych-camp; it’s playful, passionate, full-on joy. It’s also deeply spiritual (though strictly non-denominational) and somehow everyone, even the atheists, the agnostics, those purportedly phobic of the G word, end up feeling some kind of universal connection. No rainbows and unicorns here; it’s full on rapture."  Follow Graduate, Jane Alexander on her on

Apr 11

Why Inner Work?

I have done Path of Love, why continue with ongoing inner work? What is the difference between the ongoing work events you are offering this year? Path of Love is an experiential, intense 7 days...a full ‘immersion and awakening’ of the heart, in which we clearly see the truth of who we are, our individual ‘essence’ and start to awaken and fuel our deepest longing.  So much happens in Path of Love. Out in the world we start to see the effect of this new awareness

Mar 27

Walking the Path Participant Testimonials

March 2017, we held the first ever Walking the Path retreat, our groundbreaking new Step 2 to the Path of Love 7-Day retreat process.  Virtually every participant who goes through the Path of Love has deeply meaningful breakthroughs, profound realizations about themselves, and experiences of feeling free from their past. Even though participants have an inspired vision of how they want to live their lives, it can be challenging to integrate those deep openings into their relationships, f
Jan 11

Seven Days that Changed My Life—My Path from Head to Heart

"Leading up to the retreat, I was excited to spend seven relaxing days on a ranch in the Colorado Mountains—meditating, star gazing and eating nourishing farm-to-table food. Once I arrived, I quickly figured out that what I had signed up for was anything but that." Follow Graduate, Ksenia Avdulova, on her on her seven day Path of Love journey via Elephant Journal.  Click here to read the full article...        

Dec 31

The Path of Love Experience

Hear and experience how this wonderful process helps people change and enables them to love...instead of just live...their lives. The world needs more of this. In 2017...let's spread the word, and share Path of Love with the world!
Dec 23

The Journey Begins Here - Introduction to the Path of Love

For those of you who have never participated in Path of Love, we would love for you to watch and experience Path of Love through the eyes of some of our graduates.  For graduates...watching this video will remind you of your Path of Love experience, bringing back the depth of longing and sense of real self that is awakened during the 7-Day Retreat. Please share it with your friends and family...and give the gift of awakening (the greatest gift you can give!) to t
Dec 21

Want Radical Change, Then Retreat - Interview with Rafia & Turiya, Path Retreats Co-Founders

Images: Omigoddess Magazine Why taking time out can create massive, positive, change in your life fast.   Retreat, rethink, reinvent There are times when we just want everything to be different. When we want a change of career, relationship, neighborhood even a different outlook on life. If this sounds like you and you’re really in the market to transform some part your life then consider going on retreat. It worked for me… Catalyst for change Five years ago I

Dec 19

Rafia Morgan, Path Retreats Co-Founder - The Difference Between Feelings and Moods

Rafia describes the benefit and simplicity of expressing feelings rather than withdrawing into moodiness. Feelings that get suppressed can live themselves out in moods that are endless, swampy and blaming.
Dec 3

Journey Through the Heart

Alima has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others for 30 years. She is passionate about awakening and seeks to embody authenticity and compassion in her life and her work with people.
Dec 2

The Path of Love Australia Experience

Path Retreats  - Path of Love Australia Participant Testimonials Here you can listen to the beautiful experiences of Path of Love Australia Graduates.
Nov 30

Walking the Path

Walking the Path is the new next-step process for everyone who has done the Path of Love. Virtually every participant who goes through the Path of Love process has deeply meaningful breakthroughs, realisations and experiences of their true nature.  In Walking the Path, participants learn how to integrate the deep openings realized in the Path of Love Retreat into their relationships, families and working lives, and how to meet the challenges of life in a more conscious and embodied way.
Nov 30

Can You Feel the Passion?

The Path of Love 7-Day Retreat is the centerpiece of our work. We began leading it in 1995 and it now takes place in 14 countries around the world. Thousands of people’s lives have been deeply transformed by their participation in this retreat. A new beginning... a second chance. Once you taste it you never forget it! This process is about being real. Step-by-step the Path of Love opens your eyes and empowers you to live the life you dream is possible. A life full of authenticity, joy a
Nov 16

Interview with David Sudar for Path of Love USA

David Sudar, 31, Student, shares his Path of Love Experience with Rose Rouse How did you find out about POL? I had no previous knowledge of Osho or Osho communities but my girlfriend, Sarah did it and I saw what a powerful, transformative effect it had on her. I came from a Buddhist background, and after talking to her I realized that POL has similar aspects of spiritual, internal inquiry while also deeply exploring our feelings and emotions. Why did you choose to do it at this poi

Sep 19

You Can't Beat A Retreat

Autumn is the perfect time to get away and reflect on the summer past and winter ahead, says Tania O’Donnell   NEW ZEALAND Best for stressed alphas WANT to feel like you’re the star of one of those boardroom motivational posters? Head to New Zealand’s south island and get yourself 3,000m up a mountain (pictured). This new ‘spiritual mountaineering’ programme is run by psychosomatic therapist Gavin Lang and New Zealand mountain guide Stef Sifandos, who

Sep 1

Sarah on the Path of Love

How did you know about Path of Love? I came across mentions of POL and Osho a lot in my travels, especially doing Breathwork in Bali and Goa. POL just seemed like the next best thing to do. It was perfect timing. Have you been through some major changes? Yes, two years ago I was a lawyer and that was my life, and then I completely changed. I realised that I’d been living on the surface and always putting pressure on myself to do better in my career. That was my entire existence an

Jul 1

Interview with Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl

(Photo via Instagram) Swedish native, Rachel Brathen, 27, better known as “Yoga Girl”, is an Instagram phenomena, international yoga instructor,  New York Times best-selling author,  motivational speaker and more, who is based in Aruba. How did you hear about the Path of Love? My mother did it in 2008 when I was 20 and I saw how it supported and helped her. I’ve been meaning to do it since then. I actually did a couple  of Osho-inspired groups when I was

Jun 11

My Path of Love Experience

Path of Love is a transformational process. There is no other way to describe it.  I did my first POL in 2010. Many people noticed a big change in me after that. It felt like someone had shown me the wings I didn't know I had. I started to fly. In this seven day process, I was supported in the most beautiful way. A doorway was opened for me  to look at some of the ways I was holding myself back. I gained insights that helped me to transform some of the unease I felt about my

Mar 24

What is Path of Love About

Long time Path of Love Facilitator Alima Cameron, speak in depth about the week long process called 'Path of Love'. Alima speaks from the heart about this work.
Feb 4

The Deep Route of ‘Dis’ - ‘Ease’

After doing a powerful process called The Path of Love I realised I had a lot of anger from past hurt and experiences in my life. I started looking into what that effect this had on my health and came across a lot of research and evidence to suggest that repressed anger, hate and resentment is the leading root emotion causing the development of cancer.  I was shocked, to say the least, at my findings. But the more I read the more it made sense. The word disease when broken up means that

Dec 30

Turiya Hanover, Path Retreats Co-Founder - The Heart has to do with Loving Yourself

Turiya discusses that growing up we learned to criticise ourselves rather than love ourselves. She also explains how the heart is made up of many layers, and that you know when you're in the heart, because the whole world looks completely different, whereas when we are not in the heart, the same world can look grey, dull, and boring.
Sep 22

Turiya Hanover, Path Retreats Co-Founder - Sensitivity Isn't Bad

Turiya discusses the importance of being able to feel sensitivity and to be ok with it. She goes on to talk about this in regard to relationships - identifying how difficult it can be to be truly intimate with somebody if you don't allow yourself to access you're vulnerabilities.  
Aug 27

Love Will Take Us Home

Longing, Exposure and Prayer There are some people for whom spiritual life has to be a passionate love affair. This tremendous love affair takes place within the heart, and is one of the greatest mysteries of being human. On this journey love is the power that will take us Home. But this love needs to be awakened. Through the simple processes of listening to the longing of the heart, being prepared to 'expose' your deepest feelings in a safe environment, and being willing to surren

Aug 27

Transforming Yourself? Transforming the World?

Turiya Hanover takes a radical approach to the personal and social problems of our present time, bringing spiritual activism to a whole new level of global involvement through simple but extremely powerful principles. She has been leading The "Path Of Love" process in Australia and worldwide for many years, and has thirty-five years experience in a range of healing modalities including Trauma Solutions, Counseling, Family Constellations, Leadership Training and Essence Work.  

Apr 27

Rafia Morgan, Path Retreats Co-Founder - A Very Human Spirituality

Rafia and Alex discuss the way partners might follow different spiritual practices within a relationship, and explore the tension between an absolute non-dualistic approach to love and Rafia’s belief in a very embodied, human and physical kind of spiritual connection. Daily content at www.conscious2.com
Nov 9

Happiness is a Warm Hug

"I wouldn’t say I’m anti-hugging but the circumstances have to be right. In fact, the only time I do any serious cuddling is when I’m on the sofa with my arms around my boyfriend, and I’m not sure that it counts when our minds aren’t on it and we’re giggling at a repeat of You’ve Been Framed. I greet close friends with a quick squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, but we don’t linger. It’s not so much a tender and pleasurable embrace as an ad

Jul 3

Living the Path of Love

Path of Love gave me my life’s work really, and still does.  It…and me…are changing all the time. Growing…evolving... alive!  - Alima For our next Awakening of Love Leader Spotlight, we talked with Alima…who has been with Path of Love since the beginning.  Alima has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others for 30 years, and leads Path of Love and Awakening of Love workshops in Australia,

May 9

Awakening Our Love

Beloved friends, In February, we sent out an Awakening of Love Leader Spotlight on Sambhavo.  The response was incredibly inspiring and heartwarming, and we wanted to thank you for your kind words.  We are now overjoyed to share with you our next Leader Spotlight – with Praful!   Praful has a deep grounding in meditation, an enduring love for truth, and a strong passion for life.  His love is to serve, and he gives totally, with all his heart, to supp

Mar 4

Path of Love Pune India

Dear friends, Just few words to say that we finished an amazing POL in Pune India. How powerful to see again and again, how this process, together with the Buddha-field of Osho Resort, is such an important resource for people who are working with people. Therapists, as psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical doctors, are often drained or burnt out by their work. Dealing with negative emotion, pain and trauma on a regular basis makes it easy for professionals in this field to lose th

Feb 7

This Is What Awakening of Love Is

Sambhavo is a highly qualified therapist with a passion for human potential and self-discovery.  He started working as a therapist at the age of 25 after graduating with a degree in Clinical Psychology, has over 20 years of experience in personal development groups and therapeutic work, was a teacher and researcher at the University of Florence (which he loved!), and has a PhD in Psychology.    Sambhavo has created and is now running his own therapy groups around the world, but

Jan 30

Path of Love Australia! A Few Words from Nyck...

Path of Love Australia continues to evolve its own unique character and expression down here under the equator in the Great Southern Land – with the next Path of Love booking well for the end of February into March this year. This will be the 8th year that there have been two POL workshops in Australia, and we must easily have over one thousand graduates in what is the second smallest marketplace for POL in the second biggest land! What I love most is this expanding diversity of the wor

Mar 18

On the Path of Love

"The 7 days I committed to on the POL was the best present I have ever given myself.  I made decisions afterwards that have been the most positive in my life.  But the most important thing I have taken away are the tools to be able to get through the tough times.  Of course there are always going to be challenges and obstacles that come up in my life, especially as I have a deep longing to grow into my full potential. But that I now know how to spot them and get through them

Divine Genius.
The most transformational seven days I have ever experienced. Beautifully designed and brilliantly organized. The perfect balance of heart-centredness, professionalism and structure. I am in awe.

Alan Dolan
Breath Coach
UK / Spain

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