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Feb 21


It is often said that the goal of yoga is to heal the dis-ease of separation. In which case, the Path of Love, a weeklong process of meditation and self-inquiry that I participated in recently, is the warp-speed delivery method for the cure—awakening to the fullness of our essence, the vastness of our humanity, and the depth of our authenticity. Yes, meditation (read: all the practices of yoga) is designed to help us wake up, not grow up: It’s designed for liberation, not nec

Jan 18

Silence Your Inner Critic

You have a saboteur and a victim living inside your head. Don’t listen to a word they say. This time last year I was compiling a long list of things that needed to be changed rather urgently as part of my impending New Year’s resolution. Serious things that I had neglected. For the record, I’m one of life’s greatest procrastinators. I know we all do it, but I do it until there’s green mould growing on the never-ending to-do list. But as 2016

Nov 22

The Path to Awakening

Images via: Australian Natural Health - https://www.facebook.com/australiannaturalhealth/ It was a crisp autumn night when I pulled up outside a niche art gallery in the heart of Collingwood in Melbourne. I sat in my car for a few moments, inspecting the space where I’d spend the weekend partaking in the Awakening of Love retreat – an introduction to Path of Love, a seven- day retreat that’s held in 14 countries around the world.  As I walked towards the door,

Oct 24

Walking the Path: The Next Natural Step

After completing the Path of Love intensive retreat in June this year, I was catapulted into a shiny new space of awareness and healing. Granted, I had about a hundred emotional crashes along the way, but that’s part of the process, isn’t it? This work we do – this lovely inner work – just like everything else in nature, is cyclic. I’ve worked that much out, for sure. No matter how much we learn and grow, or how wise and enlightened we

Sep 17

On My Own: Exploring Loneliness and Aloneness

Image via: Osho News “We often use spiritual practice and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, our unresolved wounds, and our personal needs.”  ~Rafia Morgan When I remember the first time this concept of the difference between loneliness and aloneness was introduced to me and how I misunderstood it, I have to smile a bit about myself. It sounded so simple, obvious, and easy – and anyway, who wanted to feel loneliness, especially in that delightful com

Sep 11

Path of Love: A Seven-Day Trip to Your Inner Self

Image via: The Austrailan  Before arrival we were given the rules: no chocolate, coffee, ­alcohol, sugar, mobile devices or self-soothing. When I was a child my father took my sisters and me to a place he called the farm. There was a building on rolling hills, with animals running around in some sort of pen. I ­remember climbing over the fence to play with the sheep and cows. My little sister and I ran freely around, and while dad was gone we went fossicking. We found a large

Aug 16

Anger and Hatred Can Make Us Feel Happy, Says Study

Image via: Getty Images People are happier if they are able to feel emotions they desire - even if those emotions are unpleasant, such as anger and hatred, a study suggests.  The results of the study, compiled by an international team of researchers, found happiness is "more than simply feeling pleasure and avoiding pain".  Researchers asked participants what emotions they desired and felt.  This was then compared to how they rated their overall happiness, or

Jul 25

Roots of Love

The American co-founder of Path of Love retreats talks to Belinda Bamber about how his own experiences of love and sex have informed both his teaching and his current monogamous relationship Rafia Morgan is one of those rare men that people register when he walks into a room because even in his sixties he inhabits his body with a panther-like ease. As co-founder in 1995 of personal development course, e Path of Love, he’s used to having groups of men and women hang on his every word, bu

Jul 7

Path of Love: Boot Camp for the Soul!

After almost a decade of numerous health issues, different medications, operations and hospital treatments, my body was exhausted, my mind was depressed, and not even my family and close friends knew my true suffering, because I didn’t have the energy or words to explain what was happening to me, or the courage to reach out for help.  Life started throwing all it could at me. Honestly, it was a shitshow. One thing after another smacked me in the face and by March 2017, I was so def

Jul 6

Awakening of Love

By being fully open and unhindered by fear of rejection we can connect to each other from a deep space and allow the universe to flow through us. At any vaguely new-age or hippy gathering of yoga, tantra or meditation practitioners variations on a broad statement can be heard, "Love is the answer to the world's problems and the true religion."  Similar to the platitude, “we are all one”, I feel a sense of truth in the declaration and yet find the sentime

May 24

The 75-Year Study That Found The Secrets To A Fulfilling Life

What if there was a study dedicated to unearthing the secrets to a happy and purposeful life? It would have to be conducted over the course of many decades, following the lives of real people from childhood until old age, in order to see how they changed and what they learned. And it would probably be too ambitious for anyone to actually undertake. Only, a group of Harvard researchers did undertake it, producing a comprehensive, flesh-and-blood picture of some of life’s fundamental ques

Apr 25

Burning Down The Barriers: Path of Love, Wales, UK

A Life-Transforming Spiritual And Emotional Journey In The Brecon Beacons BEST FOR: Open-minded seekers who yearn to dump their baggage, open their hearts and feel the luurve NOT FOR: Prim prima donnas who shy away from snot, sweat and tears (though, truly, they probably need it the most!) What curious mammals we are. We’re almost all wounded, often from a young age, and so we build barriers to prevent ourselves from feeling love, bliss, peace, joy, connection, al

Mar 22

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is about being honest, and this includes embracing our dark side. No matter whether we find ourselves on the conservative spectrum or liberal, we often abuse morals and ideals in order to avoid our own shadow. In this turbulent ‘Trump era,’ where values fly high for all sides, vulnerability could become the currency that returns our sanity. My intention here is not political, but recent events coinciding with personal ones have created some urgency around the issue.

Feb 10

Our Holistic Hero on Breaking Down the Barriers

Photo via Natural Health At the end of last year I went to Wales for the Path of Love (pathretreats.com), a powerful week-long spiritual and emotional journey. It’s an extraordinary process and one I recommend with every beat of my heart. One of the key techniques is The Burn – an intense active form of meditation that helps you break through the barriers you put up around you, and helps you remember how to be your true self. The idea comes from the Sufi tradition that speaks of b

Jan 29

'If this is a dodgy hippie love-cult, sign me up!'

Jane Alexander attends The Path of Love retreat and experiences real transformation With her marriage in tatters and self-esteem at an all-time low, writer Jane Alexander sought solace at The Path of Love retreat expecting yet another mellow hippie love-in. What she got was crying, screaming, punching – and a life-transforming outcome I always hoped that, as I hit my mid-50s, I’d have sorted out my angst. Over the years, I had undergone endless hours of therapy and attende

Jan 11

Seven Days that Changed My Life—My Path from Head to Heart

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi This quote opened up The Path of Love, a seven-day personal transformation process that was meant to open me up to my creativity and to help me build a deeper connection to my inner guide. Leading up to the retreat, I was excited to spend seven relaxing days on a ranch in the Colorado Mountains—meditating, star gazing and

Dec 10

Why Personal Transformation Often Comes Before Our Spiritual Journey

For many of us, childhood was a somewhat confusing experience. We found ourselves caught between unconditional love, rules, traditions, punishments, at times humiliation, and even abuse. So what conclusions did we draw from this potpourri of conflicting messages? Well, we came up with a very personal interpretation of how life functions — one that defines how we perceive ourselves, others, and what makes us lovable. An essential quality we learned to forgo in this process called &l

Nov 12

The Path of Love Retreat

Inner Self / Love Retreat Can a week-long transformational workshop help singleton Rose Rouse open her heart to new love? I’m an optimist but I was beginning to give up hope. I’d been unhappy in relationships – often with unavailable men. I’d been unhappily single in a needy sort of way. I’d become contentedly single by having a close community (of women and men who dance 5Rhythms together, who camp together in summer, who dance and socialise, by having&n

Nov 11

8 Traits That Can Halt & End A Relationship Easily

Image via: Collective Evolution What are new love affairs made of? Butterflies and rainbows. Fantasies and dreams. Sex that makes your toes curl spiced with passionate screams.  These are the things new love affairs are made of.  End scene. Exit characters. Time to face reality. Falling in love has always made my head spin, in a beautiful flowy way. At least that’s what I thought in those moments. And each and every time, I eventually became dizzy, lost control, and bumped

Nov 4

What If We Cannot Actively Pursue or “Do” Forgiveness?

Image: via Collective Evolution The holes in our heart keep us from forgiveness. Lately, the issue of forgiveness keeps coming back into my mind. I’m trying to figure out questions like, “How do I forgive myself for whom I am and for the mistakes I’ve made, or forgive others for the different ways they’ve hurt me?” But what does that really mean and how does it feel to forgive? I’ve heard and learned so much about the different methods and practices

Oct 6

5 Reasons That Make it Clear Why You Should Not Let Society Dictate How You Feel

Our sense of worthiness lies at the root of almost everything that happens in our lives. It affects the way we relate to others and ourselves, the way we hide from life or throw ourselves into it, and the way we pretend to be weak or exert disproportionate power onto others. In the name of feeling worthy we will often betray our values and ourselves. Losing our sense of belonging simply feels too risky compared to listening to what we know to be true. When the outside becomes the compass of m

Oct 1

The Awakening of Love: A Beautiful Experience

image credit: Welldoing.org  The Awakening of Love: A Challenging Experience We often struggle to connect authentically with our loved ones, even with ourselves. And we may have our doubts, often the result of past experience, about the nature of love - platonic, romantic, familial – even within the framework of our close friends and family. Receiving unconditional love and support from strangers is an exceptionally powerful thing that the Awakening of Love provides, authentical

Sep 22

Boot camp for the heart: Brigid Delaney treads the Path of Love, a journey inwards

Is she psychologically strong enough to endure the mysterious Path of Love retreat? With emotional baggage in hand, Brigid Delaney checks in to find out. One night out with my former boss, he posed a question - would you rather have: a) a trip to the moon; b) free travel around the world; c) a chance to do as much Jungian therapy as you wanted. He and I chose C. There is definitely something more intrepid - and scary -about going inwards. But I'd never really put it to the test, until

Sep 7

The Week I Burned My Ego

AN ADVENTURE ON WHAT’S CALLED PATH OF LOVE AS I PULLED INTO the retreat center circled with towering cedars, blossoming wildflowers, and the deep green richness emblematic of the Pacific Northwest, I saw smoke. Surely this couldn’t be an actual  re on the premises, I thought. But it was. Local  firefighters were just beginning a controlled burn of an old barn. After checking in and getting settled, I watched in curiosity and awe the bright  ames pouring from the win

Jul 5

Dig Below the ‘Fine, Thanks’ Façade & Awaken to Love

Every second of every day there is someone somewhere in the world asking: “How are you today.” And someone answering: “Fine thanks.” Deep down underneath those well-rehearsed lines are two humans. Two living, feeling hearts reciting a mantra… Here… Now… Here… Now… What a revelation it was to reconnect with mine at the Awakening of Love weekend workshop. I want to tell you all about it, but I’m

Jun 30

Auf dem Weg zur Liebe

Der Path of Love ist ein intensiver Gruppenprozess, der sich dem inneren Aufwachen widmet. Dabei geht es vor allem darum, unser Herz zu öffnen und unsere Verbundenheit zum Göttlichen wieder zu spüren: „Was hält mich denn davon ab, ein natürliches und lustvolles Leben zu führen? Was deckelt meine Energie?“ Halima, Veeto und Sudhir leiten den deutschen Path of Love und sprechen über ihre Arbeit. Ein Interview. Kann ich beim Path of Love meine Lust neu entdecken? S U

May 16

The Complete Woman: Natasha Corrett

Natasha Corrett, the health food entrepreneur and writer, sticks to an alkaline diet. Most of the time A gourmet vegetarian cook and the founder of the Honestly Healthy food-delivery service, Natasha Corrett, 30, has just published her third book of alkaline recipes. So naturally she sticks to an alkaline diet - 70 per cent of the time. "It's free of meat, gluten, wheat, sugar, caffeine and cow's dairy," she says. "I've been eating like this for four years and my di

Feb 18

Queen of Retreats Review

LEARN ABOUT LOVE IN THE HEART OF THE BRECON BEACONS The Quick Read: A week-long personal growth retreat, Path of Love is a global phenomenon, operating in a dozen countries across the world. Blending a wide range of teachings, the process combines Western psychotherapeutic traditions with Eastern practices about meditation and prayer. The result is a hybrid of West-meets-East thinking to help you heal and integrate old wounds. The week is meticulously pla

Jun 26

Awakening of Love

Wendy Erlick benefits from a weekend in silent search of self-development. In January, as a solitary writer, I made a plea to the Universe: Dear Universe; Is it not possible that I might have some company? And also perhaps some fun? Lo and behold! By 3 p.m. the cosmic ordering service had sprung into action. There in my in tray lay an invite to a 2 1/2 day Awakening of Love (AOL) course? I love it when my prayers are answered but it was going to involve me in more self improvement work. I had

Apr 1

Conscious Relating

I had not worked with Jan before or heard of Conscious Relating (CR) and, as a matter of choice, I went into the session without researching CR beforehand because I figured this would allow a more authentic experience. I was impressed that, before our one hour session, Jan asked me to give her some in-depth information about my background so that she was fully prepared beforehand. Slight jarring occurred when I was not, as a matter of course, assured of confidentiality at the beginning o

Feb 6

How Long Does it Take to Find Yourself?

We're all works in progress. Here, two writers reveal how mini retreats helped them shift their mindset and gain perspective ‘The 7-Day Anger Management Course Helped Me Cope With My Break-Up’ Nilufer Atik, 39, is a writer from Wimbledon, south west London. It happened in a fit of rage. Picking up the jewellery box, I threw it across the bedroom. In an instant, I heard a smash and realised I’d not only broken the box, but the window, too. Collapsing in a heap on the

Feb 1

A Spiritual Course in LOVE Helped Me Find My Soulmate at 60

Rose Rouse, 61, is a lady that you’d definitely describe as a free spirit. Aside from her brightly-coloured exterior, she oozes an emotional intelligence that’s quite infectious. But her brilliant sense of humour and bubbly personality weren’t the only reasons we wanted to speak with her. Rather, we were itching to hear about her experience of tantra, discovering Osho and the spiritual course that changed her love life. Drawn to a workshop called the Path of Love (POL), after a

Jan 13

Why It's Important to Understand Your Dark Side

Feature image credit: Hannah Arendt Center When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might hurt us. But what usually happened when you turned the light on? You learned the unknown things were not so scary. And they were not so unknown. They were just part of the environment. We learned to associate darkness

Nov 9

Happiness is a Warm Hug

Experts say that hugging can make you healthier and happier. But what if it doesn’t come naturally? Daisy Buchanan gets some cuddle therapy.. I’ll admit that when I first looked into attending a “cuddle workshop”, I was sceptical. And I wasn’t the only one. “You’re learning how to hug? Isn’t that a volume of an encyclopaedia?” one “hilarious” friend chortled. I wouldn’t say I’m anti-hugging but the circumsta

Oct 1

Find the REAL YOU

Photos Rebecca Windgrave What area of your life are you hoping to heal through this experience? I had a traumatic experience in my twenties, which made it very difficult for me to trust men. I’ve done a lot of healing work and conventional therapy to recover, but was still finding it impossible to trust. I was nervous about being alone with a man, tended to avoid eye contact and didn’t like to be touched without warning. I felt vulnerable letting others in. No surpris

Jun 30

Fühlen ist keine Fremdsprache

Beim Path of Love geht es ganz wesentlich um ein Berühren und Spüren, um ein Öffnen des Herzens. Im November diesen Jahres wird dieser intensive Prozess erstmalig in Deutsch angeboten. Geleitet wird er von Halima, Sudhir und Veeto. Wir wollten von Halima und Sudhir wissen, was helfen kann, wieder mit der Sprache des Herzens in Kontakt zu kommen.                                        &nbs

Jun 6

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Has your libido fatlined? Are you a grown woman who is out of touch with what you want or need sexually? Don’t panic, says Rosie Ifould. By honing the skill of ‘erotic intelligence’, you can begin to reconnect with your desire.  Sian is the type of woman you would describe as a ‘head turner’. Not only is she tall and strikingly pretty, she also has the kind of dress sense and presence that simply suggests she’s sexy and con dent. At first gla

Apr 25

Is There Still a Place for Organised Religion?

Last year, a quarter of the British population declared they had no religion. Stylist looks into the emerging paths filling our spiritual void Words: Helen Foster Artwork: Richard Paton It’s a crisp Sunday morning in a large hall in London and a man with a considerably bushy beard and toothy grin is making around 300 people in their 20s and 30s giggle infectiously. It’s impossible to tell what any members of the audience do – there are no suits, no name badges, no sign

Dec 19

Moving On

CAN YOU TRANSFORM YOUR EMOTIONAL LIFE IN A WEEK? JESSICA BRINTON BRAVED THE INTENSIVE PATH OF LOVE RETREAT TO FIND OUT I heard about the Path of Love from someone in vaguely yogic circles. She told me it was a week-long personal-development “process” based on the principle that when you are surrounded by enough love to learn self-acceptance, you can finally become the person you always hoped you were and never be sad or lonely again. It’s supposed to be two years of the

Oct 3

Straight to the Heart of Transformation - The Path of Love

The Path of Love is a life-changing seven-day intensive group process, which has been running for 18 years globally but only recently reached our shores. Founders, Turiya Hanover and Ra a Morgan bring their extensive experience (from Gestalt to Somatic Experiencing, meditation and much more) as facilitators and spiritual seekers (they are both veteran sannyasins) to the Path of Love. I did the course last November, and one aspect of them both that I appreciated greatly, was their humanness. They

Sep 30

Nurturing the Path to Self Development

Workshop veteran Rose Rouse tries out a self-development course with one-to-one support for all who take part and finds that this level of care, combined with the group process environment, makes for a powerful experience Last year, I signed myself up for an emotional and spiritual MOT, undertaking a seven-day intensive group process called the Path of Love (POL). It may have a saccharine name, but I found it one of the most challenging workshops around. We spent a lot of time in silence,

Sep 19

New Horizons

‘I’ve broken the pattern of doomed relationships’ Emma Bibby, 38, split up with her long-term partner three years ago. Dating, but fed up of attracting a similar kind of man, she decided to spend a week in Wales on the Path of Love course. I drew up outside Buckland Hall, a beautiful centuries-old mansion like something out of a Jane Austen novel, surrounded by the Brecon Beacons. I was nervous, but also excited about what awaited me. I’d wanted to go on a retr

Jun 1

Turbo Charge Your Life and Join the Group Therapy Club

Of course, individual therapy - from psychotherapy to psychoanalysis - has its merits.  Sessions can help you through crises, increase your self-awareness and enrich your life.  However, they can also turn into a comfort blanket - one that keeps you in the same cosy, non-growth place. Unlike the growing trend for intense seven day group processes where, frankly, you are not allowed to await anything spiritually or emotionally.  Take the Rolls-Royce of group processes, The Hoffm

Mar 18

On the Path of Love

What I am about to try and describe to you is actually quite indescribable; 18 months on I still struggle a bit to explain this life changing experience I went through called The Path of Love. The Path of Love is what they call it and it really does what it says on the tin, it puts you on the path to love. Without explaining what the exact day-to-day process is, (I wouldn’t want to as the element of surprise is in my eyes very important to the process).  I can talk a bit ab

Feb 1

Love Mantras Healed My Past

What inspired you to try love affirmations? I kept hearing about courses that focus on self-love and embracing different kinds of love in your life, but it was a while before I decided to sign up. I chose the Path of Love course, as I’d had lots of experience in the world of tantra and group therapy and thought it would be great to have another positive experience. The timing felt right to make this leap, as I had just turned 50. I needed help with moving forward and recalibrating my min

I have experienced many different trainings, courses and seminars working with both self-development and skill development. I must say that Path of Love, by far, is the best process I have experienced.

Jeremias Andersson
Business owner and entrepreneur

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