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The expansive openings and deep realisations which occur during the Path of Love 7-day Retreat require a commitment to ongoing work so that they can become part of your day-to-day life.

Advanced courses for Path of Love graduates not only help with solidifying and integrating the work you did on your 7-day retreat but also help you deepen your awareness and further evolve your exploration and personal development.

Deepening of Love

A wonderful opportunity to come together for a time of nourishment and deep exploration; to journey again into your true longing and potential. An opportunity to revisit and reclaim your Path of Love 7-day Retreat experience as well as work with current issues.

This workshop offers a bridge to living your truth in the world and strengthening your ability to use the tools of the work in your daily life. At times, Deepening of Love is offered for men and for women as separate processes.

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Men and Women on the Path of Love

A 5-day workshop that uses the approach of the Path of Love 7-day Retreat to take an in-depth look at masculine and feminine issues.

How we approach our spiritual path, how we realise our true nature and how we express ourselves in both our spiritual and material lives has much to do with the clarity, confidence and relaxation we have about being a man or a woman.

This group is for people that want freedom from old relationship patterns and want to live their deepest potential in love. It is an invitation to meet in honesty and respect; and to learn to support each other to realise our potential rather than being caught in patterns of negative merging, unworthiness, shame, competition and envy.

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Holiday Retreat

Our Holiday Retreats are wonderful gatherings of the Path of Love family set in the glorious beauty of Corfu. These retreats are an exquisite combination of in-depth inquiry, courageous sharing, and joyful celebration while having a freedom-filled holiday with like-minded friends.

Holiday Retreats offer one of the best ways to have a holiday as the inner work we do opens us to depths which bring us in meaningful close contact with each other and with the natural wild beauty of the environment.

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Community and Staffing

There are many ways to stay involved with the Path Retreat processes and community. Most countries have a local Path Retreats organisation which regularly holds meetings, groups and meditations for Path of Love graduates. These events give graduates the opportunity to meet, support each other, share their life experiences and be part of a community of people who long for the same things in life.

Path of Love graduates can also participate as volunteer staff assistants on any Path of Love process in the world. Not only is this an act of service - giving back something which you have received - it is also an opportunity for you to revisit your own experience on the 7-day Path of Love retreat and further evolve on your path.

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Participant Testimonial

Alima, one of our Path of Love Leaders, sums up the Path of Love in one beautiful three-and-a-half minute answer.

Online support

We strongly encourage Path of Love graduates to connect with and support each other. The Path of Love is not an easy path, and your journey along it will be a lot less bumpy if you have a support group which you trust.

When you compete the 7-day Path of Love process you will be given access to a special online area where you can continue to meet and share, in privacy, with the people you met on your process. You will also be able to join the Path Retreats social network and Facebook communities.

All Path Retreats Leaders and Facilitators are also available to assist Path of Love graduates through in-person sessions (where possible) or via Skype. These sessions can be individually tailored to your requirements and help you grow and evolve.

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Teaching Retreats

Teaching Retreats are 5-day, in-depth explorations of subjects of importance for the spiritual seeker and anyone interested in realising their potential.

Each day there are teachings offered on a particular subject, which is then followed by various forms of inquiry that deepen the work. These retreats are comprised of people familiar with the Path Retreats work and go tremendously deep to help everyone to understand and experience their inner world and true essence.

Teaching retreats have been held on the following themes:

  • Baraka - A Boundless Dimension of Trust and Grace
  • On Self Worth and Value
  • Strength and Will
  • Power, Peace and the Shadow
  • Discovering the Authentic Self
  • Merging, Freedom and Longing
  • Embodied Trust
  • Presence, Passion and Strength
  • Presence and the Joy of Being

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I love the Path of Love process! It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and new depth. And for me that’s always a proof of inner expansion. It is a spiritual ‘spring clean’.

Deva Premal

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